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How to mount a Windows 8.1 partition on Ubuntu 14.04

If you guys have a problem mounting a Windows 8.1 partition on Ubuntu 14.04 , Here's a Quick fix that worked for me :

Disable the default hibernation mode by using CMD program as administrator – Boot into Windows and type “cmd” in the search field on the built-in Windows search app >> launch the app and type: powercfg -h off >> press enter and your done.

How to restore the Windows 8.1 bootloader

==========Comment récupérer le Bootloader de Windows 8 ou Windows 8.1===========

Pour les amis qui ont essayé d'implémenter le dual-Boot pour Ubunutu 14 à coté de Windows 8 ou Windows 8.1:
Et ont malheureusement rencontré un problème lors du démarrage en ayant un message tel que : "no partition found
grub rescue >" ====> La solution est la suivante :
1---Vous devez bootez de votre CD d'installation Windows ou USB bootable Windows.
2---Après vous allez avoir une interface pour choisir la langue et la langue de saisie, cliquez alors sur suivant .
3----Sur la page suivante choisissez "Réparer mon ordinateur"
4----Après choisissez "Troubleshoot my computer"
5----Après choisissez "Advanced Options "
6---- Enfin choisissez "Command Prompt", ici saisissez "bootrec.exe /fixboot" et après saisissez cette commande "bootrec.exe /fixmbr". Maintenant fermez le prompt et choisissez "Turn off my comptuer".
Retirez …

What is Bitnami ?

What is Bitnami ?

Bitnami makes it easy to run your favorite server apps anywhere

Bitnami is a library of popular server applications and development environments that can be installed with one click, either in your laptop, in a virtual machine or hosted in the cloud. We take care of compiling and configuring the applications and all of their dependencies (third-party libraries, language runtimes, databases) so they work out-of-the-box. The resulting packaged software (a 'stack') is then made available as native installers, virtual machines and cloud images. These Bitnami application packages provide a consistent, secure and optimized end-user experience when deploying any app, on any platform.

Bitnami Cloud Hosting Bitnami Cloud Hosting is a server management solution that makes it incredibly simple to launch and manage apps on Amazon Web Services. Users can launch all of the Bitnami application packages, build development environments, automate ba…

Deploying PHP applications as PHAR archives

Deploying PHP applications as PHAR archives
Today I discovered a very powerful addition to the PHP world. Phar is an archive extension for PHP that allows an entire PHP application to be packaged into a single file. It's basically PHP's answer to Java's .jar archive format. Don't get excited yet, it gets better... There are a few things that make this particularly handy. For one, it is being integrated into the next major PHP release (5.3) which means that any standard PHP installation running the latest version will support .phar files right out of the box. The other advantage is of course in deployment. Using a .phar file you can deploy an entire PHP application by working with just one file, rather than a bunch of files and directories. This is where .phar really shines. Imagine deploying a popular web app like WordPress by simply copying a single .phar file to your web server's root, rather than figuring out how to zip it up, upload it, and some…
A tutorial introduction to Git This tutorial explains how to import a new project into Git, make changes to it, and share changes with other developers. If you are instead primarily interested in using Git to fetch a project, for example, to test the latest version, you may prefer to start with the first two chapters of The Git User's Manual.

The Brain Regain

It's an article of : Mohammed BIN RASHID AL MAKTOUM, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai. Written on : JUN 8, 2014 , from : The World's Opinion Page
DUBAI – In 1968, while studying at the Mons Officer Cadet School in the United Kingdom, I needed to visit a hospital. There I met a doctor who, to my surprise, spoke fluent Arabic. I learned that he was new to the UK, so I asked if he intended to stay long or return home. He replied with an Arabic saying that translates as: “My home is where I can eat.”
That doctor’s words stayed with me for many years, because they underscored the contradiction between our idealized view of “home” and the harsh realities of life that push talented people to leave their homes. The doctor was a classic case of the “brain drain” phenomenon that has afflicted developing countries for decades. These countries spend scarce resources educating doctors, engineers, and scientists, in the hope that they will be…

Internet in Real-Time

Click image to open interactive version (via Penny Stocks Lab).