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1 What runs but has no legs?
Your nose a river a comb your word a bottle
2 What runs but has no legs?
A tap a river a comb your word a bottle
3 What can stay in the same corner but, at the same time, travel around the world?
A tap a stamp a comb your word a bottle
4 What has a mouth but does not speak?
A towel a river a comb a book a bottle
5 What is black when it is clean and white when it is dirty?
A tap a stamp a blackboard your word a bottle
6 What has a bed but does not sleep?
A towel a river a comb a book a bottle
7 What has teeth but cannot bite?
a towel a river a comb a book a bottle
8 What has a neck but no head?
a towel a river a comb your word a bottle

A laughter helps to relieve the stress

A college student writes to his parents...
"Dear Mom and Dad,
"I feel miserable because I have to keep writing for money. I feel ashamed and unhappy. I have to ask for another hundred, but every cell in my body rebels. I beg on bended knee that you forgive me.
"Your son,
"P.S. I felt so terrible, I ran after the mailman who picked this up in the box at the corner. I wanted to take this letter and burn it. I prayed that I could get it back. But it was too late."
A few days later he received a letter from his father. It said,
"Your prayers were answered. Your letter never arrived!"

Cultural Diversity

When will the geographical borders be deleted?
When will this rough world get quiet?
It’s a violent world of those monstrous wars
Which are led by those cultural conflicts,
Due to the challenge of globalisation.
Our world is our shelter
There are numerous cultures
With their significant diversity
Every one has its religion
Its culture and its own language
Every one is special and particular
Because he is him.
We are different because every one belong to a special culture
But we are one because the humanity gathers us
As we belong to the earth
I will love you, I will protect you
I won’t let you down
I will struggle for the earth
Until the dawn of union rises.

Sustainable Development

Science, education, youth
Are magical words to fulfil,
Advance, prosperity and welfare
Nothing grows from wishful thinking
Even plants grow from seeds.
Success, progress are a temper of the will
A vigour of the emotions.
There is in every being’s heart
The passion of excellence
But it’s covered with the snows
Of laziness and pessimism
Education needs to be watered
With hard work and perseverance,
But so long as you don’t keep watering
It will fade and wither like a waterless flower
Whether you are illiterate or ignorant
There is in every one’s life
The light of hope,
The love of learning,
The challenge of events,
Don’t miss your future because tomorrow
The truth will be dawned on you.

The educational system

The educational system is a very vital and energetic domain in the country. It’s the factory that products the next responsible for the future.
That’s the reason why we should think about the people that teach the students. So, these teachers should be their idol, their friend and their leaders. We need a teacher who is in touch with the new technology; I mean the one who can use sophisticated materials to teach the students; to protect them from the boredom. We know that some of students are familiar with the internet and the new technology, they are used to the interactive materials, to something new. So, when they come to class and they work with blackboard and chalk, they feel a little bit lost or bored.
Therefore; we need a teacher who can afford joy and in the same time knowledge to their students. We also need a student who loves his work an his studies, who is ready to continue the learning process, who doesn’t consider school like a theme park, this studen…

Morocco's language

The original language of morocco was Berber, thanks to the Islamic expeditions the Arabic became little by little the official language, because it is the language of Qur’an and it starts by spreading from the north. By the year 1903 the French starts by spreading in Morocco because of the imperialist movement, but in the 1945s, it became the official language in schools, contracts, tribunals and all the administrations. By the year 1980, English appeared in Morocco and started to took its place as an important language. Spanish took its place and became strong in the north of morocco after the Spanish invasion. So, we can say that this variety of languages makes Morocco a rich country of different cultures which allow him to be in touch with all the countries.

The landscape and wildlife of Morocco

The landscape of morocco is varied. We have deserts in the south, two ranges of mountains: Atlas Range Mountains in the middle and Riff range of mountains in the north. Morocco has also, several waterfalls like Ozood nearby Marrakesh. It has in the coastal bank of the Atlantic the widest plans which contribute in the developement of the agriculture.
Concerning the wild life, morocco has lots of animal reserves like the national reserve near Marrakesh where you can find there deer and monkeys. It has also natural parks of several birds in the north.

My Mottos

“No gain without pain”
“The early bird catches the worm”
“Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do now”
“Hard work pays off”
“Little by little the bird makes its nest”
“If you want your dreams to com true don’t sleep”

My favourite stories:

A sound of thunder
About the author
Ray Douglas Bradbury is a US writer of fantasy, horror, science fiction and mystery. He is best known for his Martian Chronicles, and he is widely considered to be one of the 20th century’s greatest and most popular writers of science fiction.
Eckels is a hunter .He has hunted all kinds of wild animals on various safaris but now he wants to travel back in time to hunt a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Time Safari Inc is a company that organises safaris in the past .They have a time machine that can take hunters back in time to shoot any animals they want. Eckels arrives at time safari .He is introduced to his guide Mr. Travis. He is little nervous and very impressed by the time machine .Before he pays the $10000 for the Safari, the man at the desk reminds him of how dangerous dinosaurs hunting can be. The guide explains the rules of the path and not touching or disturbing any of the wildlife around them. They leave the machine and enter the prehistoric jun…

The Miserable Man and the Golden Coins

Ben Handout was a small and poor village in the middle atlas where Nasser lived. He was a woodcutter. He worked hard but he didn't earn much money. Nasser was a gentle young man with a pale face and small eyes.
Nasser was punctual, every Friday, he prays with the people in the mosque and he never missed his pray.
Twenty years later, unhappiness and hard work at the forest had changed Nasser. The woodcutter was nearly fifty years old now, but he looked much older. His back was bent and his sad small eyes were very shirt-sighted. Nasser was a bachelor, he had never married and he had no friends at the village. Nasser lived in a small cottage, alone, he had nothing to eat or to wear now, because he didn't save any, money and he had no family.
Every night, Nasser locked the door, and then he prayed and asked God to help him and give him forty golden coins.
One day, a very rich man lived in the same village was coming back from hunting. He had a very good trip, but he w…

The Miraculous Plants

It was a very cold winter, with snow everywhere. For the eastern tribe, it was a terrible time .many people were sick and there was no medicine to help them .every day, people died .the leader didn't know what to do .his cute son, Bassou, was also very ill. If he couldn't help him, he was going to die, and thus the tribe will die out.
The leader sat by his fire, but he didn't feel warm. ''It’s the end '', he thought.’ If he dies, I don't want to live '' he looked into the fire. The wood burnt noisily.

Suddenly, he remembered his wiser teacher, and he heard his fierce words ''you must save your son, and your tribe .go and look for the medicine! There is a medicine for everything. Go quickly! It will soon be too late ''
The leader began his journey that night. He walked through the snow and the dark forest all night. In the morning, he was cold and hungry. '' How can I find the medicine plants which will hel…

Green planet

Fifty years ago green was just a colour .Now it’s a way of looking at our world .But how green is our planet today?
Planet earth
On February 2002, scientists in kourou, French Guiana, were worried. They knew that in a few hours ‘time the Arianne rocket would leave on its journey .on the rocket was Envisat, the biggest and most expensive satellite ever made in Europe .Envisat was ready and waiting after twenty years’ work by hundreds of people .but now , at the last minute, something was wrong with the rocket carrying the satellite. Scientists worked all night to get the rocket working again .late in the evening on 1march everyone in kourou stopped working to watch the rocket leave. The weather was good and the rocket was ready .five four three two one ......the Arianne rocket went up into the sky, carrying Envisat with it. What is special about Envisat? It is as big as a bus, and very heavy. It travels 800km above the earth, and it goes round the earth once every 100 minutes. Envisat g…

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan (1911-2004) An American states man, the fortieth president of united states of America (1981-1989) who assert himself as the initiator of the conservative revolution exalting the national pride and the traditional values.
Ronald Reagan was born on the sixth February 1911, in Tampico, Illinois. His father was an American of Irish origin, he was a shoe seller.
Graduated from eureka college in 1932, he worked as a sportive reporter, and then he followed an actor career in Hollywood where he performed for fiftieth films.
During the years 1950, he turned to the policy, democrat originally, he evolved and became a conservative republican .Elected as the governor of California in 1966, and he tried to be selected for the Republican Party to the presidential election but without success.
As a Republican candidate in 1980, he had beaten the outgoing democrat president Jimmy Carter.

A Survey: Dangerous Sports

After asking some students questions about dangerous sports, I notice that all my friends don’t like dangerous sports.
Two of them think that when people practice dangerous sports they can have many accidents because they are very difficult to practise such as climbing, skiing, weightlifting...
But only one person believes that these sports are funny and amazing.

Collocations related to sports

Play: Handball –basketball-weightlifting –judo-baseball-soccer
Do: Taekwondo –gymnastics-wrestling
Go: Roller skating –climbing- surfing- cycling- fishing –swimming- horse riding –skiing.

My favourite player

Here is his fact file
Name: Pele
Nationality: Brazilian
Team: Santos –Cosmos-Newyork
Number of goals scored: 1280
Awards: world champion 1958-1962-1970
The FIFA warded him the best soccer player of the 20th century.

How to make an omelette

Take three eggs
Break them in a bowl
Add salt and pepper
Mix together
Pour the mixture in the pan
Serve the omelette

Collocations related to food

A jar of jam
A teaspoon of sugar
A bunch of bananas
A loaf of bread
A head of cauliflower
A tin of sardines
A bar of chocolate
A cartoon of milk
A packet of crisps
A bag of flower
A bottle of coke
A piece of wood
A glass of water
A cup of tea
A piece of paper
A bowl of soup