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Mounting a Windows 8.1 partition on Ubuntu 14.04

If u guys have a problem mounting a Windows 8.1 partition on Ubuntu 14.04 , Here's a Quick fix that worked for me :

Disable the default hibernation mode by using CMD program as administrator – Boot into Windows and type “cmd” in the search field on the built-in Windows search app >> launch the app and type: powercfg -h off >> press enter and your done.

Sublime Text 3 Ubuntu 14.04 Licence

Sublime Text 3 Ubuntu 14.04
Nicolas Hennion
Single User License
8A01AA83 1D668D24 4484AEBC 3B04512C
827B0DE5 69E9B07A A39ACCC0 F95F5410
729D5639 4C37CECB B2522FB3 8D37FDC1
72899363 BBA441AC A5F47F08 6CD3B3FE
CEFB3783 B2E1BA96 71AAF7B4 AFB61B1D
0CC513E7 52FF2333 9F726D2C CDE53B4A
810C0D4F E1F419A3 CDA0832B 8440565A
35BF00F6 4CA9F869 ED10E245 469C233E

To make cut and paste (Ctrl+V, Ctrl+C) work in the console

To make cut and paste (Ctrl+V, Ctrl+C) work in the console or terminal, put the following code into terminal to change the key bindings automatically:

$ gconftool-2 -t str -s /apps/gnome-terminal/keybindings/copy "<Control>c"

$ gconftool-2 -t str -s /apps/gnome-terminal/keybindings/paste "<Control>v"

Installing Dansguardian Webmin Module

Download the webmin module and run the following:

cd /usr/share/webmin/ dgwebmin-0.7.0beta1b.wbm # <-- webmin dansguardian module location
$ sed -i "s|autorestart=0|autorestart=1|" /etc/webmin/dansguardian/config
$ sed -i "s|file=/sbin|file=/usr/sbin|" /etc/webmin/dansguardian/config
$ sed -i "s|/rc.d/init.d|/init.d|" /etc/webmin/dansguardian/config
$ sed -i "s|/rc.d/init.d|/init.d|" /etc/webmin/dansguardian/config

Using Sublime Text or gedit when logging as User

For me I used xhost + and it solved the problem. You can use it when you are working in a  remote instance and you wanna use gedit. By default, and for security reasons, the only user that interacts with X-server is the logged-in user. Meaning, You can not initiate a connection to x-server as a different user or in your case as root, unless you have overridden the default setting to allow different users/hosts to connect to x-server. So the error message you are getting is related to x-server since any other user can't connect to it. In order to get around it, you have various fixes you can apply. What I normally do when ever I need to run an X-app as root is as follows. From normal user terminal, I run xhost + to grant access to all user temporarilyThen I log in as root from a different terminal and execute the X-app ie gedit tester.php To make it permanent (which I don't suggest), edit /etc/profile and add the following line: export XAUTHORITY=/root/.Xauthority