My Environmental Club at CPGE IBN Taimiya

This is the link that shows the schools that participated in MOBILZE U, and our school is the only one to participate from MOROCCO:
Earth Day Participating Schools ---USA Initiative---

How did the story begin ?

It was all about a presentation I did, about the theme we had last year Social Development.So, I prepared the presentation and I rehearse it before going to class,meanwhile ,I thought about how I would tease students'curiosity and make them participate in the debate. Then, I said why not to talk with them on changing the aspect of our preparatory classes, 'coz as a famous school, it's a shame to have such a disgusting courtyard without trees or joyful plants.
then ,at the end of my presentation , I mentionned the idea ,and Mr Rasmy 'our english teacher' liked it and did share it with the coordinator of our school. Then it comes the IDEA OF CREATING this Club,which I named "ENVIRONMENTAL CLUB OF IBN TAIMIYA". I'm sure that several of you may wonder ,why you tell us this right in this period; simply ,because ,I participated in a international campaign with our page in FB , and they did give me a certificate of gratitude. So,i like to participate it with you.

The link of the page on FB
is:(You can find there pictures about the changes brought to school since we rise up for the cause, and also some topics willing to rise the public awarness about envirnment in general)

My Facebook Page: Environmental Club

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