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The Miraculous Plants

It was a very cold winter, with snow everywhere. For the eastern tribe, it was a terrible time .many people were sick and there was no medicine to help them .every day, people died .the leader didn't know what to do .his cute son, Bassou, was also very ill. If he couldn't help him, he was going to die, and thus the tribe will die out.
The leader sat by his fire, but he didn't feel warm. ''It’s the end '', he thought.’ If he dies, I don't want to live '' he looked into the fire. The wood burnt noisily.

Suddenly, he remembered his wiser teacher, and he heard his fierce words ''you must save your son, and your tribe .go and look for the medicine! There is a medicine for everything. Go quickly! It will soon be too late ''
The leader began his journey that night. He walked through the snow and the dark forest all night. In the morning, he was cold and hungry. '' How can I find the medicine plants which will help my son and my tribe?'' he thought.
Something inspired him and pushed him up. He walked on, but he didn't find any medicine plants that day. He looked under the snow. Nothing was growing. By next day, the leader was very hungry, but he was thinking about his son, he had to help him!
Suddenly, he saw a deer. It was running away from him.
''Little deer'' said the leader. ‘Stop! Help me, where can I find medicine plants for my son? Please! I won't kill you.''
The deer ran on into the woods.

In his sleep, the leader saw his son Bassou .he was playing and he was repeating a strange and lovely song. Then he heard the sound of the nightingale. It was saying:
''Look for the deer, and follow it, it will take you to the plants place, and Bassou will live''.
The leader woke up .he could still hear the sound of the deer.
He listened hard. It was coming from the cave behind him .the cave was very cold and dark, but, there was a sunny place far away the cave access, it was full of plants. The leader picked up some medicine plants .he smelled them, and at once he felt strong again. These were the miraculous plants, the true medicine!
He quickly began his journey home with his bunch of plants.
'' Oh, my father!'' Bassou whispered. He couldn't speak loudly, but his face was happy again.
The leader gave Bassou some plants to eat .he smiled at him and slept. When he woke up, he was well and strong.
The leader brought the plants to all the tribe. The inhabitants were thankful to their When everyone was strong and well again, they had a great festival.

We always should remember that:
''Where there is a will there is a way ''
& '' Nothing is Impossible in this life because life is just a will, patience and hard work ''
We always should remember that:
''Where there is a will there is a way ''
& '' Nothing is Impossible in this life because life is just a will, patience and hard work ''

Written by Soukaina Ezzamane

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