The Miserable Man and the Golden Coins

Ben Handout was a small and poor village in the middle atlas where Nasser lived. He was a woodcutter. He worked hard but he didn't earn much money. Nasser was a gentle young man with a pale face and small eyes.
Nasser was punctual, every Friday, he prays with the people in the mosque and he never missed his pray.
Twenty years later, unhappiness and hard work at the forest had changed Nasser. The woodcutter was nearly fifty years old now, but he looked much older. His back was bent and his sad small eyes were very shirt-sighted. Nasser was a bachelor, he had never married and he had no friends at the village. Nasser lived in a small cottage, alone, he had nothing to eat or to wear now, because he didn't save any, money and he had no family.
Every night, Nasser locked the door, and then he prayed and asked God to help him and give him forty golden coins.
One day, a very rich man lived in the same village was coming back from hunting. He had a very good trip, but he was followed by a strange man. He seemed robber. This thief succeeded in stealing the rich man. So, he had to ride past the cottage because there was a narrow lane next to it, as he could stay out of sight and keep his money safe. When Bassou, the thief was riding next to Nasser's cottage he could hear the voice of Nasser asking god to give him forty golden coins.
An idea came to Bassou's head why didn't he throw through the window the bag of money that contains forty-four golden coins? Bassou did so to stay out of the suspicious circle. While Nasser was praying, he heard the sound of thrown coins. He rushed into his pray and he started the research, finally he found a bag. Then he took the bag and emptied it onto the table. The shining coins poured out. To Nasser ,the gold seemed alive.
A few days later, Bassou came back to Nasser's cottage so as to ask him to give him back his money. Bassou knocked at the door waiting for Nasser to open. After a while Nasser opened the door:
'' Good morning sir, who are you? And what do you want from me?'' Nasser asked.
'' I'm your neighbor, and I'm the man who threw the money through the window because I had been followed by a thief and to be sure, there were exactly forty-four golden coins'' Bassou answered.
'' I don't care about their amount, because god sent them to me when I asked him so'' Nasser answered.
'' I swear, these are my money, I'm the man who threw them through the window. Because I wanted to keep them in safe from the robber'' Bassou answered in a troubling voice.
'' I don't believe you, get out of my cottage, thief!'' Nasser replied.
'' You seem very self-confident in your answer. So, if you are truly honest come with me to the judge to decide in our case '' Bassou said.
'' But it's cold and I'm an old man, I don't have any coat '' Nasser added quietly.
'' I will give you mine, but you just to come with me'' Bassou answered.
'' I can't go to the court, can you lend me your horse? I'm an old and sick man, I can't walk'' Nasser answered.
'' Yes, I can. But, stop giving me excuses, and let's go or we'll be late'' Bassou replied.
At that very moment, the two men were walking slowly towards the court. After a while, they arrived at the court and they went into.
'' What's wrong with you? '' The judge asked.
''Sir, I come here because I want to take my money back because this man pretends that they are his'' Bassou answered.
'' Can I tell you something sir? '' Nasser asked. Then Nasser went towards the judge and he whispered in his ears: ''sir, this man is insane. To be sure, ask him, whose coat is that?''.
The judge asked Bassou, this latter answered: '' it's mine sir''.
Nasser whispered again in the judge's ear '' ask him, sir, whose the horse is?''. Bassou had the same answer:'' it's mine sir''.
'' You see sir, look at him. He is totally insane, he pretends that every thing is his'' Nasser said.
'' I forgive him sir, because he has a psychiatric disorder and he couldn't distinguish between his things and the others things'' Nasser added.
The judge decided that Nasser was innocent and he could go to his cottage by his horse. About Bassou, the judge jailed him three months to learn how to stop accusing people.
Nasser went back to his cottage to enjoy himself and benefit from his golden coins.

Cleverness and intelligence are more valuable than any gold or diamonds, and justice is always applied either by law or by nature.


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