My favourite stories:

A sound of thunder
About the author
Ray Douglas Bradbury is a US writer of fantasy, horror, science fiction and mystery. He is best known for his Martian Chronicles, and he is widely considered to be one of the 20th century’s greatest and most popular writers of science fiction.
Eckels is a hunter .He has hunted all kinds of wild animals on various safaris but now he wants to travel back in time to hunt a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Time Safari Inc is a company that organises safaris in the past .They have a time machine that can take hunters back in time to shoot any animals they want. Eckels arrives at time safari .He is introduced to his guide Mr. Travis. He is little nervous and very impressed by the time machine .Before he pays the $10000 for the Safari, the man at the desk reminds him of how dangerous dinosaurs hunting can be. The guide explains the rules of the path and not touching or disturbing any of the wildlife around them. They leave the machine and enter the prehistoric jungle with its strange sights and sounds. Eckels is very nervous at the idea of shooting a tyrannosaurus and when the animal finally appears he panics .He can’t shoot, he turns around and, confused and frightened, walks off the path and into the jungle.
The others continue with the hunt and kill dinosaurs as planned. When they get back to the time machine Eckels is waiting for them .now it is time for them to travel back to the future.
What I like about the story
The idea of time paradox: it’s about the change that happened when they travel from the future to the past.
SILAS MARNER lives alone near the small village of Raveloe. He works hard every day weaving cloth. He has no friends, no wife, and no family. No one comes to visit him because the villagers are afraid of him. He is only interested in gold.
When someone steals his gold, the weaver behaves like a madman .All day and all night he sits at his loom weaving cloth.
Then one winter’s evening he finds something more valuable than all his money. Something more precious than gold, a little fair-haired child appears in his cottage and his life is changed for ever. She transmitted him from a sad man to a happy one .she grew up and she became very beautiful .Her real family returned and came to Silas’s cottage and ask him to give them back their daughter .Eppie the daughter choose her poor father rather than her biological father Godfrey the richest. Silas was so happy that he let her daughter marry with her beloved Aaron. Silas returned finally to his first village lantern.
The characters
SILAS MARNER - the brothers Godfrey- molly Farren-dolly Winthrop (Aaron’s mother and se raised Eppie also)-Eppie- Aaron Winthrop.
New vocabulary
Weaver (somebody who makes cloth) *short-sighted (unable to see distant objects clearly) *frowned (make displeased expression) * Eager (enthusiastic and excited about doing something) *lantern (portable lamp)* stone-pit (hole in ground for mining)* lavender (fragrant plant) *smack (slap somebody)* coal-pit (mine where coal is dug)* temper (tendency to anger) *settle down (live orderly life)* loom (weaving apparatus).

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