6 Fantastic Places

Koutoubia Tower
It’s near the French consulate, it refers to Almoravids age. It’s a glorious mosque with majestic design.
Jemaâ el Fna
As its name shows, it refers to a place of entertainment and leisure .you can there watch minor circles of fun and enjoy the traditional music bands also you can do your shopping from small stores and keep your souvenirs.
Mabroka or Moulay Rashid Avenue
It’s the most popular street where you can shop and eat in small restaurants.
Saâdien Tombs
There are in the old and historical Kasbah, it’s a famous icon of Marrakesh.
It’s a quiet place to spend your weekend watching the vast pool and enjoying the large olive field.
Majorelle Garden
There is a diverse variety of numerous plants, if you have ecological interests.

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