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The educational system

The educational system is a very vital and energetic domain in the country. It’s the factory that products the next responsible for the future.
That’s the reason why we should think about the people that teach the students. So, these teachers should be their idol, their friend and their leaders. We need a teacher who is in touch with the new technology; I mean the one who can use sophisticated materials to teach the students; to protect them from the boredom. We know that some of students are familiar with the internet and the new technology, they are used to the interactive materials, to something new. So, when they come to class and they work with blackboard and chalk, they feel a little bit lost or bored.
Therefore; we need a teacher who can afford joy and in the same time knowledge to their students. We also need a student who loves his work an his studies, who is ready to continue the learning process, who doesn’t consider school like a theme park, this student can help the teacher to make this example come true.
We need also a comprehensive administration that helps either the teacher or the student by affording them the necessary materials to work in a good condition.
I think that our school doesn’t only need material equipment, it needs more than that, It needs values like collaboration, cooperation, creativity, respect and responsibility as well to succeed the educational process.

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